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Why Red Light Therapy is One of the Best Healing Tools

Since its approval by the FDA, Red Light Therapy has proven to be among the best healing tools of modern science. Research has repeatedly confirmed that Red Light Therapy has come a long way in healing some chronic conditions that could have been otherwise very expensive and invasive with life-altering side effects.

For personal use, you can easily find Red Light Therapy devices in gyms, spas, dermatologists’ offices, and for home use. These near-infrared LED devices come in all sizes and shapes, from handheld RLT devices or wearable RLT devices to stationary beds for your whole body.

Red Light Therapy is drug-free, painless, non-invasive, and can be used by anyone, including children and older adults. You will find them widely used commercially too.

What is Red light Therapy (RLT)

Red Light Therapy[1] (RLT), also known as Low-level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT), is a technique involving exposing your body to low wavelength red light. The natural red light can penetrate deep into your skin, making it easy for the cells to absorb and use.

Other nanes for red light therapy are:

  • Low-level laser light therapy.
  • Low-power laser therapy.
  • Non-thermal LED light.
  • Soft laser therapy.
  • Cold laser therapy.
  • Biostimulation, photonic stimulation.
  • Photobiomodulation and phototherapy.

This rapidly growing, non-invasive technology may be used to treat you if you suffer from conditions that require stimulation of healing, pain and inflammation relief, and functional restoration if any part of your body needs it. Your body cells’ source of energy-adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is generated more after the mitochondria chromophores absorb the light photons.

Many scientists relate the potentially significant benefits of RLT to the fact that the extra ATP generated makes it possible for cells to react better to damage and restore themselves.

How does Red Light Therapy Work?

RLT uses a red-light device such as a lamp or laser with red light[2]. Your skin or part of the skin that needs mending is then exposed to the device for treatment or cosmetology reasons. First and foremost, red light therapy does not expose your skin to hazardous and harmful UV rays.

Your cells’ mitochondria soak up the red light and make more energy which in turn helps the cells to repair themselves -becoming healthier, and also triggers healing in your skin and muscle tissue.

Your muscle tissue being rejuvenated and repaired means you can sleep better and, in turn, helps you overcome some mental health conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

What does Red light Therapy Heal?

Red light therapy treats numerous health problems, including; skin, sleeping, joint and muscle pains, hair loss, etc.

You may use RLT to improve your skin health

Your skin may be dry, wrinkled, or riddled with scars. Using RLt assures you of healthier skin through;

  • Gives you skin its elasticity by increasing the production of collagen
  • increasing fibroblast production, which helps produce collagen and other tissue fibers
  • increasing circulation between blood and tissue cells
  • protecting cells from damage
  • increasing mRNA in the cells, which helps stimulate the cell
  • improving facial texture, i.e., reduces acne vulgaris and other scars
  • reducing fine lines
  • reducing wrinkle severity
  • rejuvenate the skin
  • improve the complexion

Your wound healing process may be hastened by using RLT

You or a loved one may have a chronic wound after suffering from a disease like diabetes. He may have a hard-to-heal injury from a fatal cut. RLT heals your wounds by;

  • reducing inflammation in the cells
  • stimulating new blood vessels to form
  • increasing helpful fibroblasts in the skin
  • production of collagen is increased

Hair growth

If you suffer from alopecia, you can use a near-infrared LED device emitting a light wavelength of 665nm to 808 nm to improve your hair growth. Once you begin RLT, your hair may improve in density and length within a certain period.

You may also lose hair at certain life stages. Low-level laser light therapy may help activate stem cells, allowing increased tissue repair and healing. Once your stem cells are activated, your hair begins to grow.

Reducing pain in the muscles and other parts of your body

RLT may also be an effective treatment for pain if you have a musculoskeletal disorder[3]. Research by the NCBI indicated that LLLT effectively reduces pain in adults with different musculoskeletal disorders. It would be best to adhere to the therapy to increase the effectiveness of RLT.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Your health caregivers may use a red-light device of a low-frequency continuous laser within 600 to 900 nm to relieve pain and healing stimulation. RLT can reduce inflammation[4] in your brain and abdominal fat-leading to weight loss, wounds, lungs, and spinal cord.

Near-infrared light triggers your cells to hasten the generation of antioxidants and helps reduce inflammatory indicators. Some of the conditions originating from inflammations you may cure by using RLT include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • obesity
  • type 2 diabetes
  • alopecia areata
  • autoimmune thyroiditis, or inflammation of the thyroid
  • psoriasis
  • arthritis
  • tendinitis, or inflammation of the tendons

Red Light Therapy Tools

Red Light Therapy has proved to be one of the best treatment tools because, besides being drug-free and having no side effects, the devices show significant results within a short time if you use them as recommended.

Red light therapy devices can be wearable, handheld, home, commercial, and beds. It would be best to ascertain that your product is FDA approved.

Bottom Line

The features of Red Light Therapy devices make them appear among this century’s best healing tools. This natural, non-invasive, safe, and painless natural treatment is apt for you and all your loved ones, including children.

The fact that you won’t get any side effects- that will deter you from carrying out your daily activities or addictions that require even more treatment is out of the question. Contact our professional team at Redbeam Therapy for a Red Light Therapy device of your choice.







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