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The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy

Red Ligh Therapy use has become widespread in recent years due to its unfathomable benefits and the fact that it’s drug-free; hence impossible to become addicted or develop a tolerance for it.

Some of the devices are even portable, making them suitable to use on the go- you don’t need to stop performing your other chores when administering red light therapy.

Red Light Therapy Explained

Red Light Therapy[1] is a type of phototherapy that uses red and near-infrared light wavelengths for cosmetic purposes and to cure many diseases and health issues. NASA discovered that the infrared LED device they were using to grow plants in space was also healing wounds on the astronauts.

Further research led to the discovery of other health issues it can solve, including; muscle repair, pain relief, skin improvement, sleep improvement,  Hair Loss, and enhanced mental functions, among others.

How Red Light Therapy works

The primary source of RLT’s competence originates from its ability to enhance cellular functions. Suppose you continuously expose your body to red light.

In that case, the red light or near-infrared light boosts mitochondria to produce more chemical energy, which energizes your cell’s biochemical responses. Some biochemical processes include regenerating healthier cells and faster tissue and muscle healing.

Red Light Therapy devices

You may find different Kinds of FDA-approved[2] Red light therapy devices in the market today. The devices are classified according to size, function, and places of use, such as;

  • Home Use Devices
  • Commercial Devices
  • Handheld Devices
  • Wearable Devices
  • Beds

Choosing A Red Light Therapy Device

Before purchasing any red light therapy device, you may need to consider some of the following factors;

Purpose or intended use of the device

Different ailments are treated using different light wavelengths and different gadgets. The problem you want to solve should help you determine the device you may purchase.

For example, buying a red light therapy bed may not be cost-effective for eliminating wrinkles around your eyes.

Another example is if you want to solve the hair loss problem, then a helmet-like device is best for hair loss therapy. You may find RLT devices in different shapes and sizes for these various reasons.

Light Type & Color

Suppose you have a hair loss problem or a tissue injury requiring deep photons penetration. In that case, you may need a device that emits infrared or near-infrared light-as that penetrates deeper into the skin. You may find that different colors and wavelengths portray different lights, hence different functions.

Intensity Levels

Red light therapy works directly on your cells to improve their energy and generate new healthy cells. Your skin may be more sensitive than others -making it essential to understand the intensity setting viable for your skin type.

Your treatment plan and the severity of your problem determine the intensity of your infrared LED light.

Safety Features

Red Light Therapy devices come with protective goggles and a timer so as not to unconsciously over-expose yourself to the red light.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The list of benefits of red light therapy is inexhaustible. You may find some of the benefits of RLT in this guide, including muscle repair, pain relief, skin improvement, sleep improvement, enhanced mental functions, etc.

Muscle Repair

After exercising, you may feel that your muscles are sore and painful for up to 2-3 days before the pain subsides. If you use red light therapy, your muscles will heal much faster and increase your energy levels.

RLT comes in handy if you are a professional athletes-to help you keep up with your extreme workout routines and also to help you recover faster after training.

Pain Relief

You may not know where the pain you have comes from; pain is often caused by inflammation. Light treatment boosts your cell’s capability to revive and helps fight inflammation and ease discomfort. Red light therapy has proven to reduce and help in managing pain.

Research also indicates that red light therapy is an excellent way to manage chronic nerve pain that lingers after certain surgeries or injuries.

Skin Improvement

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD)[3], 50 million Americans struggle with acne annually. Red light therapy is a side-effect-free way of treating acne. LLLT increases your cell turnover, thus repairing your skin and removing scars.

Sleep Improvement

Red light can help you sleep better- by producing melatonin (a chemical in your brain’s hypothalamus that induces sleep). Besides sleep, RLT delivers other physical benefits, such as stimulating cell energy production.

Sleeping better[4], in turn, boost your mental health and improves your mood. Other scientists argue that red light therapy can increase psychological and physical abilities and endurance.

Sleep lights have shown the benefits of light therapy for people with sleep disorders and depression. According to a meta-analysis carried out in 2016, study concluded that light treatment is effective for sleep problems in general, especially those involving circadian rhythms and insomnia.

Using Hedge’s g Light therapy was found effective in the treatment of sleep problems as follows;

•       in general cases (g = 0.39)

•       circadian rhythm sleep disorders (g = 0.41)

•       insomnia (g = 0.47)

•       sleep problems related to Alzheimer’s disease/dementia (g = 0.30) specifically.

Enhanced Mental Functions

In case you have suffered a brain injury that has altered your cognitive functions, Red light therapy has shown rewarding results on mental performance after daily exposure to red light. It is known to enhance mental performance as well. Red light therapy has a great potential to treat Alzheimer’s[5] and dementia without any toxicity from the light seen. Your  brain may suffer from various disorders that can be broadly categorized as ;

  • Traumatic events -which include conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and global ischemia
  • Degenerative diseases – include but are not limited to; dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s
  • Psychiatric disorders -including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder

Bottom Line

Redbeamtherapy offers you different types of red Light Therapy devices that are useful for your home, office, and commercial use.

 It is essential to have some general knowledge about the gadget you want, what you want it to solve, where you want to use the RLT device, and the safety precautions the device has. Contact us today at redbeamtherapy for all your Red light Therapy devices.









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