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Red Light Therapy Facts You Need to Know

You may have realized that most skin conditions you may be having affect your mental well-being directly. You may underestimate the impact of these skin diseases compared to other diseases such as cancer. The impact may lead you to depression and stress. Additionally, skin disorders like acne, eczema, and psoriasis can significantly affect the quality of your life.

However, there are various treatment options available for you. One such option is red light therapy[1] (RLT), thought to have more potential in treating skin disorders and aging signs. This article tackles some of the facts you may need to know about red light therapy;

Red light therapy facts

Fact or fiction? What are the real facts surrounding RLT? Here are some of the red-light therapy facts you may benefit from;

Your Skin cells may grow 200% faster when exposed to specific LED wavelengths

Red light therapy is a highly safe and effective natural skin treatment – which has been shown in clinical research to boost your body’s collagen, lower inflammation, and reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

Clinical trials[2] carried out by NCBI proved that 85% of the patients’ skin lesions were reduced by at least 50% after 4 sessions of being treated every two weeks.

The trial further stipulated that in approximately 20% of the cases, acne depletion may reach 90%.

3 months after the last treatment, the clearance on your skin is estimated to reach 70% to 80%.

The repair process is stimulated by fibroblast using connective tissue to form healthy collagen fibers.

Prompts cellular renewal

 Your health caregiver may recommend red light therapy since it improves the functions of cells in your body.

It can help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and enhance the performance of energy-making mitochondria by generating more mitochondria, increasing their function in cells, and transporting electrons faster in the cell.

Increases circulation (vascularity)

Red light therapy goes right to the source of your inflammation and increases blood flow circulation. This allows damaged tissue to be repaired and also boosts the regeneration of new cells.

Increases the formation of new capillaries

Your body cells and capillaries need to regenerate often due to their functions. RLT stimulates the release of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) – cell energy transporter.

An increase in ATP helps cells receive nutrients faster and discard waste products faster by increasing the energy within the cell.

The use of LLLT increases the formation of new capillaries, which replaces the damaged ones – The generated capillaries speed up the healing process.

Your damaged cells may be replaced faster due to an increment in RNA and DNA synthesis

In 1993 Quantum Devices, an electronics company created an LED for NASA to grow plants in space. Besides growing plants, the device could heal the NASA personnel’s skin wounds.

The discovery led to rigorous research by NASA scientists on how LEDs can be used to enhance the functions of the human cells to promote healing. The U.S. Navy also uses RLT to treat chronic and acute pain and injuries.

Research by NASA[3] in the early 1990s produced results that are being used in hospitals and homes today for therapeutic purposes, including pain relief for cancer patients using red light therapy.

Increases Phagocytosis

Infections may be easily controlled using LLLT, which cleans up the degenerated, dead and damaged cells, including dead bacteria that may have been the cause of your ailment. This has a cleansing and purifying effect on your body.

Repairs damaged tissue

You may be able to get healed from a chronic wound[4] by using RLT. This is possible because red light therapy techniques encourage the formation of new blood vessel networks and new skin to grow.

Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) gives you an anti-inflammatory and analgesic outcome that assists in wound healing when your health caregiver uses the appropriate power and wavelength.

Many studies have shown that red or infrared light therapy can close wounds, even with diabetes.

Depending on your treatment regime and other factors, the wound may take between 4 – 8 weeks of steady treatment to close an earlier hard-to-heal wound completely.

It helps you sleep better

Red light can help you sleep better- by producing melatonin (a chemical in your brain’s hypothalamus that induces sleep). Besides sleep, RLT delivers other physical benefits, such as stimulating cell energy production.

Sleeping better, in turn, boost your mental health and improves your mood. Other scientists argue that red light therapy can potentially increase mental and physical abilities, and subsequently increase endurance.

Sleep lights have shown the benefits of light therapy for people with sleep disorders and depression. According to a meta-analysis[5] carried out in 2016, the study concluded that light therapy is effective for sleep problems in general, especially those involving circadian rhythms and insomnia.

Using Hedge’s g Light therapy was found effective in the treatment of sleep problems as follows;

  • in general cases (g = 0.39)
  • circadian rhythm sleep disorders (g = 0.41)
  •  insomnia (g = 0.47)
  • sleep problems related to Alzheimer’s disease/dementia (g = 0.30) specifically.

Red light therapy is safe

Users have not reported potential side effects caused by red light therapy if used within a short time and as directed.

RLT appears safe to use, not invasive, harsh, or toxic like some other topical skin medications. RLT doesn’t use toxic wavelengths like cancer-causing ultraviolet light (UV) from tanning booths or the sun.

However, there is always a chance of misusing Red Light Therapy either by ignoring instructions or using it too often. In these cases, you can develop skin or eye damage if you don’t wear protection.

Bottom Line

Knowing the facts from fiction about any therapy you want to use or consider seeking for a loved one is extremely important. Our professional team at RedBeamTherapy is ready anytime you contact them for an in-depth discussion about all our available products. Contact us today for all your health and cosmetic treatments.









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