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Premium Portable Red Light Therapy Device, LumiHeal Torchlight,


LumiHeal Torchlight is a health torch gadget that employs superior red light therapy to aid in natural pain alleviation, specifically addressing back, neck, shoulder, and knee discomfort, as well as muscular tiredness or soreness. Light therapy can help with speedier healing, immunological boosting, anti-aging, mood enhancement, muscular rehabilitation, and other things. LumiHeal Torchlight securely delivers ideal wavelengths and energy levels of Red and Near-Infrared light without any damaging UV rays or extra heat—most people find it pleasant and soothing!

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Customer Reviews

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R.T. (Singapore, SG)
Recommend this amazing gadget to anyone

I have been using the LumiHeal from Redbeam for about a month now, three times a day, five minutes each time. I have gone from requiring a huge knee brace to play tennis or golf to no brace at all. I have very little discomfort in my knee at all. I have begun treating my son’s shoulder and in only several treatments, he is finding some relief from chronic discomfort. He plans to buy one for himself.

E.R. (Los Angeles, US)
It helps my sore wrists/thumbs

Since using the Redbeam Lumiheal torchlight I have not taken any pain relief tablets as I wanted to see how it rated. I still have not taken pain meds after approx 3 weeks of use. I use it 3 x daily about 3 minutes on each wrist/thumb where my pain is. It's quick, easy & convenient. I have only just charged the second battery to replace the first.

At Redbeam Therapy, our mission is simple, we want to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and ultimately healthier through harnessing the power of light and innovation. We’re built from the endless pursuit to heal the human body and optimize it to its fullest potential so life can be enjoyable.

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