This Pocket-Size Therapy Light Provides Near-Instant Joint Pain Relief & Turns Back The Clock On Achy & Swollen Knees, Hips, Wrists, Fingers, Elbows & Feet... In As Little As 3 Days

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Meet The Pocket-Sized Inflammation Extinguisher: Once Reserved For Elite College Athlete & The Ultra Rich... . Now Available To The Public For The First Time

Sick of struggling to keep up with YOUR loved ones… as achy wrist joints & stiff fingers make texting feel like torture?

Tired of being left behind… as ‘frozen’ knee joints and tender ligaments keep you trapped in your chair…while your family enjoys life outdoors?

Fed up with standing on the sidelines and watching life go by as crippling joint pain keeps you from the fun hobbies you used to enjoy?

Then get this:

Addictive & downright dangerous pain killers & radical surgery are NOT the answer.

Because the active lifestyle you desire & deserve can now be yours…

Without choking down pain pills or putting yourself through radical surgical procedures.

All thanks to an inflammation-busting, pain-soothing light…

That’s helping millions of Americans turn back the clock on joint pain.. and feel endlessly energetic again.

Keep reading to discover how you can get it… for less than the cost of a single visit to your pain doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist.

🏆 Short On Time? Here’s Your TL;DR

Put away the pain pills for good… your search for drug-free joint pain relief is over. This feels like pressing the “OFF” switch on sore, achy joints.

Who says you can’t restore a comfortable range of motion without nasty injections or going under the knife? Now you point, click, and soothe the aches away.

Heating pads & ice packs are so yesterday. How to stop treating the symptoms of inflammation & start stimulating cellular healing from the inside OUT!

"I Don't Just Hand Out 5 Star Reviews Like Candy..."

Or pain pills for that matter....

Why? I get dozens of glossy flyers stuffed into my office mailbox every week… From deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies that make BIG, BOLD promises to patients…

Desperate to get lasting relief from chronic inflammation & deep aching pain they feel… In their shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, and knees as they age.

The problem is…

Most Pain Treatments Only Mask The Pain

Did I mention many of them are highly addictive too?

So when I yanked yet ANOTHER ad from my overflowing mailbox today…

The only reason I didn’t trash it on the spot?

Was the shocking claim splashed across the envelope:

This 67 Year Old Man Just Deleted His Joint Pain Thanks To This 'Magic Wand' & Now He's Outrunning Marathoners Half His Age

Discover His Secret Pain Relief Ritual Inside

Kinda of an attention grabber, right?

Okay, confession time. I'm an avid runner myself.

So when I read about a guy 20 years older than me crushing MY personal best times… I have to admit I felt a twinge of envy… Truth is, I even caught myself whispering, “I Want That Too!”

And so will you… once you see how this NEW non-invasive, point & click solution to joint pain relief impressed a star-stingy expert like me..

The Ugly Truth About Joint Pain Remedies

The ‘dirty little secret’ I’m about to share is probably going to piss a lot of my colleagues off…

Yet the undeniable fact is that 99% of the joint pain solutions most pain professionals recommend? The addictive ‘feel good’ chemicals they prescribe to relieve stiff, achy, swollen joints… :

May actually be extending YOUR suffering, slowing down YOUR healing… And crippling YOUR potential to live the FULL & active life you deserve. ..

Let’s face it… there are a LOT of greedy pain pill “pushers” out there…

I’m talking about the quacks who get rich taking bribes from BIG PHARMA…

Who have zero problems sleeping at night… while the prescriptions they write get their patients hooked.

The addictive ‘feel good’ chemicals they prescribe to relieve stiff, achy, swollen joints.. can actually:

❌ PROLONG your suffering…
❌ SLOW DOWN your healing… AND
❌ TRIGGER the pain you’re trying to escape?

The result?

Simple tasks like opening a can of soda… typing out a text, getting dressed, tying your shoes, and doing everyday tasks…

…feels like torture.

And that’s AFTER the ‘treatment’!

So if you find yourself wondering what remedy to turn to… when the pain gets so bad you can’t think?

Then I need you to know TWO things.

First, it’s NOT your fault you are still suffering…

And second there is hope…

Because I’m thrilled to tell you the pocket-sized pain preventer I reviewed is the REAL DEAL:

INTRODUCING: LumiHeal™ Torchlight

What is LumiHeal™ Torchlight

LumiHeal™ Torchlight is a clinically proven, highly innovative light therapy that erases crippling joint pain from the INSIDE out.

It uses 3 clinically proven wavelengths that help ease swelling, reduce inflammation, and provide relief aching joints…

In the hips, wrists, fingers, toes, ankles, elbows, shoulders.

Using it… it is as simple as pointing a flashlight where it hurts.

Within minutes you will FEEL the difference as tense muscles release & stiff joints loosen up…

And within a few short days, you’ll get back to the active lifestyle you love.

Why Is LumiHeal™ Torchlight™ So Effective?

Unlike other over the counter remedies that mask pain… LumiHeal™ Torchlight helps break the cycle of inflammation and re-injury…

By treating symptoms at the source.

The pain erasing light beams penetrate skin, muscle tissues, and joints to deliver pain relief at depths other remedies simply can’t reach.

And it works whether you’re a weekend warrior, hard core athlete, frontline healthcare worker, teacher, soldier, or armchair athlete.

The Science Behind This Pocket Sized Pain Relief

Stick with me here, things are going to get a bit… scientific.

Don’t worry, I’m going to cut through all the fancy jargon for you.

The folks at LumiHeal™ Torchlight say it’s the only device on the market with Patented Tri-Spectrum Technology at 630, 660, and 850 NM wavelengths.

That means LumiHeal™ Torchlight delivers deep penetrating pain relief to muscles, joints, nerves, tissue, even bones.

All while stimulating nutrient rich blood flow to promote cellular regeneration, and prevent cellular death- the kind that leads to deep tissue damage.

Now that’s a mouthful, I know.

All you need to know?

LumiHeal™ Torchlight delivers targeted light therapy & erases joint pain anywhere you need it. It’s as simple as:

Point, Click, & Soothe

It’s just like hitting the OFF switch on joint pain.

The technology sounded so promising… I decided to get one for each member of my family to test.

🏆 3 Feats Of Flexibility My Family Couldn't Do Until They Tried LumiHeal™ Torchlight

At The Driving Range. My daughter Julie likes to hit a bucket of balls before she starts her work day. But lately, a nagging wrist injury had been leaving her hand numb and achy. After treating her wrist regularly with LumiHeal™ Torchlight for 10 minutes a day, the results almost seemed too good to be true.

“I hit my longest drives ever… no more tingles!”

In The Garden. My mom loves spending hours in the garden but hates the shooting pain she feels as she crouches down to weed. I gave her LumiHeal™ Torchlight to use for 15 minutes while she had her morning coffee. It’s part of her new routine. Now we can’t keep her out of the garden!

“Talk about soothing! I finally feel like ME again”

At Play. My dad ran a construction crew and did a lot of heavy lifting. Years later, his “bum knee” still acts up on days where there’s high humidity. Now nothing slows him down.

“The pain & discomfort is melting away. I’m back to enjoying neighbourhood walks & playing with the grandkids again”

Why Haven't I Heard Of This Gadget Before?

The folks at LumiHeal™ Torchlight tell me this joint pain relief technology was first used to help elite college athletes recover more quickly from injuries.

Trainers and coaches today use it to decrease inflammation and enhance healing…

So they can get their star athletes back on the field 10X faster than ‘conventional’ therapy.

The Other Reason You Haven't Seen It?

The first units they tested were built for college gyms… and way too huge & expensive for people ‘on the go’.

Here’s one example of a ‘whole body’ infrared therapy unit.

Not exactly practical when you just want to limber up for a game of tag with the grandkids, is it?

So after intense debate…

LumiHeal™ Torchlight made the fortunate (for YOU) decision to bring red light therapy to the masses…

By manufacturing a pocket-sized therapy device you can take anywhere:

Here's What Other People Are Saying:


Have pain? Buy this!!

“This little device is helping to relief shoulder pain. Especially, when I use it two to three timer per day. It’s also convenient since I’m saving time by not going to the chiropractor for the same treatment I’m now doing at home.”


Great little device

“Very easy to use and comes with helpful, clear instructions. But even better than that even though only rising for a few days, some of my pain spots are more tolerable and it seems magically feeling better. I have RA, fibromyalgia, degenerative disks in back and neck, so grateful that I found this product!”


Works for my Arthritis Pain and Inflammation

“I have been using it on my thumb for arthritis pain and inflammation, and also on my ankles for stiffness and mobility issues, and I can’t believe what a difference it has made”

Why You Need To Fill Your Cart Now

A company insider tells me there’s a severe shortage of LumiHeal™ Torchlight now that the word is out.

He’s tracked down a few extra boxes… and mentioned this limited inventory is available.

Fair warning: he says this is a time-sensitive opportunity.

18 months ago they sold completely out in 24 hours.

12 months ago inventory was gone in 12 hours.

They expect to sell this new lot out in 6 hours (or less)

Now I’ve been a reviewer for years, and I can tell you it’s extremely unusual for info like this to leak…

And I don’t expect to get a scoop like this ever again.

Yet if you do want in? All you need to do is click this link to see if they’re available.

If you’ve got joint pain in a few places? I personally recommend getting 2 or more.

That way you can loosen up more joints & get back in the action in half of the time.

So doesn’t it make sense to get 2 or more LumiHeal™ Torchlight devices right now…

Because they’re going fast and you can never be too prepared?

Plus it comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee.

At Redbeam Therapy, our mission is simple, we want to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and ultimately healthier through harnessing the power of light and innovation. We’re built from the endless pursuit to heal the human body and optimize it to its fullest potential so life can be enjoyable.

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