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Benefits of Using At-Home Red Light Therapy Device

Clinical trials carried out by NCBI[i]  proved that 85% of the patients’ skin lesions were reduced by at least 50% after 4 sessions of being treated every two weeks. The trial further stipulated that in approximately 20% of the cases, acne depletion may reach 90%.3 months after the last treatment, and the clearance on your skin is estimated to reach 70% to 80%.

Having a Red Light Therapy device at home makes it easier for you to undergo your treatment without feeling restricted or with feelings of someone’s presence- you do it alone. You may carry out your other routines while undergoing the treatment.

For example, you may wear an RLT face mask that removes wrinkles and improves your skin while washing dishes or strolling in your backyard. 

What is an At-Home Red Light Therapy Device?

As the name implies, an at-home red light therapy[i] device is a device that you can use from the comfort of your home. They range from handheld devices to help you relieve muscle, joint, tissues, and bone pains to full body panels to treat your entire body and restore cells, etc.

At-home red light therapy devices are apt for home use because most are portable and can be easily handled. The bulkier ones, like full body panels, may be placed at a certain area in the house and easily accessed from time to time.

At-home red light therapy devices come in wavelengths between 630nm and 700nm, even though all red LED light provides benefits. All red LED light wavelengths will benefit, but wavelengths from 630 to 680 nm demonstrate the most healing power.

RLT can reduce inflammation in your brain and abdominal fat-leading to weight loss, wounds, lungs, and spinal cord.

How to safely use At-Home Red Light Therapy devices

There are many stores online that sell red light therapy devices that are safe. However, they may have a low wavelength frequency or are less powerful than those used by trained skin professionals.

It is also crucial to understand that improper use or misinterpreted instructions can lead to side effects. Ensure to shield your eyes and skin for protection, take good care of the RLT device and follow all instructions.

Salons, beauty spars, tanning salons, saunas, wellness centers, and gyms may promote RLT devices for at-home and medical office-based use. However, be cautious where you get your supplies and receive treatment. It is always safe to ask for advice from medical professionals about your skin issues than just self-medicating.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Using At-Home Red Light Therapy Devices

Red Light Therapy acts on the mitochondria-“the power plants” increase their energy and enable other cells to work more efficiently to enhance skin rejuvenation and boost the growth of new cells. Other cells in your body absorb light wavelengths and gain more energy to work.

You may use at-home RLT devices to solve the following beauty and health conditions;

Skin Health

RLT has recently become popular in treating hypertrophic scars, burns, redness, scars, acne, and wrinkles. These treatments are possible due to red light’s effect on collagen generation and better blood flow in skin tissue. You may treat the following conditions using RLT at home:

  • Antiaging: If your skin has been damaged or aged by sunlight, red light therapy may be used to improve the appearance of your damaged skin.
  • Acne: You may have tried most of the available oral and topical treatments for acne without any positive results and may even have developed other side effects. RLT is safe, fast-acting, and free of side effects for treating many skin conditions such as acne vulgaris.
  • Wound healing: You may be able to get healed from a chronic[ii] wound by using RLT. This is possible because red light therapy techniques encourage the formation of new blood vessel networks and new skin to grow.
  • Psoriasis: If you have Psoriasis – an autoimmune disease, i.e., part of your body’s immune system becomes overactive and fights other tissues in your body. Different light sources may treat different skin conditions, including Psoriasis. LLLT helps in treating you if you have mild to moderate Psoriasis.


LLLT can reduce inflammation[iii], which you may find if you are suffering from disorders of your joints, a traumatic injury, lung disorders, and issues in the brain.

A biochemical change within the cells in your body is triggered by red light Therapy; this change is beneficial to your body, as the cellular photoreceptors absorb more photons needed for reducing inflammation and rejuvenating tissue.

Near-infrared light triggers your cells to hasten the generation of antioxidants and helps reduce inflammatory indicators. Some of the conditions you may be cure by using RLT devices at home include:

Osteoarthritis: You can benefit from a handheld red light therapy device that you directly on your knee if you are suffering from Knee osteoarthritis since the pure light emitted reduces pain and disability.

Tendinitis: Tendinitis (or tendonitis) means your tendons- connective tissue between muscles and bones are inflamed or irritated. Your tendinitis condition may be either acute or chronic, depending on how long you have suffered from the condition. You may treat it in the comfort of your home.


You can also use RLT before your exercise routine to enhance your sports performance or to help you recover from muscle strain. It has been proved that the treatment may combat exercise-related oxidation stress.

Other Benefits of At-Home Red Light Therapy Devices

Besides the health-related benefits, you get from at-home RLT devices. You also get other benefits, including;

  • The cost of paying for treatment visits at a medical facility is reduced since you can administer the treatment independently.
  • You may use the device as often as possible while performing other duties and responsibilities.
  • These near-infrared devices allow you privacy as you can use them without the presence of another person, like a doctor or nurse.

Bottom Line

Devices that emit red light that may be used in the home provide a variety of benefits, including those related to privacy and health. You may need to research thoroughly about the device since different devices solve different problems. Some even solve more than one problem. Contact our professional team at Redbeam Therapy for an at-home red light therapy device for your cosmetic or health solutions.

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